A4Q Global Testing Summit in Marrakech, Morocco

The premier conference for Software Quality and Testing

We’ll explore the latest industry trends in software quality assurance and you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how to stay ahead in the ever-changing world of quality software deployment and it’s all completely FREE!

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October 19th, from the ISTQB® General Assembly – Marrakech, Morocco.

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Our Partners

This congress is organized in order to spread the importance of software quality to the world. This wouldn’t be possible without the support of our sponsors – We say thank you!.


The Alliance 4 Qualification has the mission to create globally leading content and certification schemes in a independent environment. It was founded by different organizations with the aim to work independent from a specific exam provider or a specific training provider with a long term focus on lifelong learning. A4Q is a new independent place to strengthen quality in the field of training and certification.

Supported by:

The Moroccan Software Testing Committee ( CMTL ) was founded in 2013 to promote the Software Testing profession in Morocco and raise companies’ awareness of the Quality of their Information System. The founding companies of the committee are Advaltis, HPS and Progideo. The  CMTL  is a non-profit organization, independent and internationally recognized through the ISTQB  (International Software Testing Qualifications Board).

CMTL Website

ISTQB® is the leading global certification scheme in the field of software testing.
As of Dec 2021, ISTQB® has administered over 1.1 million exams and issued more than 806k certifications in over 130 countries. With its extensive network of Accredited Training Providers, Member Boards, and Exam Providers, ISTQB® is one of the biggest and most established vendor-neutral professional certification schemes in the world. 

ISTQB Website

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Our Distinguished Speakers

Gain insight from our distinguished line-up of globally recognized speakers who will cover a range topics from Software Testing, Software Architecture to Requirement Engineering.

Carola Lilienthal

ISAQB Member

Eric Riou du Cosquer

Chair ISTQB Foundation Level WG

Hiral Vyas Dave

ISAQB Member

Tilo Linz

Former ISTQB President

Reifa Tangon

ISQA Founder

Yaron Tsubery

Former ISTQB President

Beata Karpinska

Vice president of SSTB

Chris Carter

Former ISTQB President

Natia Sirbiladze

Co-Founder of GeoSTQB

Mitko Mitev

Former ISTQB President

Sarah Savoy

President of the CSTB

Renzo Cerquozzi

Vice Chair ISTQB WG Agile

Leanne Howard

ANZTB Board Member

Michael Pilaeten

Chair ISTQB Agile WG

Natallia Iskortseva

BySTQB Chair

Olivier Denoo

ISTQB President

Nirmala Saneechur

Member of MSTQB

Gualtiero Bazzana

Former ISTQB President

Armin Metzger

German Testing Board

Matthias Hamburg

German Testing Board

Klaudia Dussa-Zieger

Vice-President of ISTQB

Horst Pohlmann

German Testing Board

Nils Röttger

German Testing Board

Lovelesh Beeharry

President MSTQB

Stan Bühne

IREB General Manager

Stefan Sturm

IREB General Manager

Kim Lauenroth

IREB Chairman

Jean-Baptiste Croigneau

Comité Marocain des Tests Logiciels

Patricia Alves

PSTQB Founder


Comité Marocain des Tests Logiciels

Rik Marselis

Chairman of TMAP SIG

Benjamin Timmermans

Improve Quality Services

Boye Dare

Raglan Technologies

Andreas Günther


Kari Kakkonen

TMMi Board of Directors

Stuart Reid

Chief Technology Officer at STA Consulting

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