Congress Hall


What would a congress be without the breaks?

Without the opportunity to talk to friends or new partners, without strolling through the exhibition and simply taking a rest? It would only be half as nice, wouldn’t it? We think so too!

Our virtual congress hall – created especially for the A4Q World Congress in Gather Town – makes all this possible for you. 

It´s fun

Join us in a 2D world with 8-bit graphics and walk through the exhibition area by moving your avatar with the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Let’s talk

You can see people with your webcam and microphone and talk to them when they approach you.

Meet the sponsors

Exhibitors’ booths are organized in a grid, similar to a conference in person.

Private rooms

Private rooms provide protected areas for 2 or more people to have a more confidential conversation.

This was our Virtual Congress Hall

Meet these experts and many more:

Become an exhibitor