Askar Aituov – IQBBA – сертифицированный бизнес-аналитик базового уровня. Преимущества сертификации и обратая связь с IT-специалистами по преподаваемым программам [RU]

Speaker: Askar Aituov

Language: Russian


  1. Overview of IQBBA CFLBA certification program and exam process.
  2. Success stories of students: a. Enter to IT industry via business analysis courses. b. From machinery manager to Facebook employee. c. Project manager turned BA, and Information Systems scholar.
  3. Feedback on IQBBA syllabus from students: Strong framework. Certain highlighted skills are less relevant. Relationships with Data science/product management is not covered, while the market demand business analysts to be able to work with data scientists & product managers.
  4. Proposals to consider and update of the syllabus with system analytics and data science methods and tools


Apr 14 2021


14:00 - 15:00