Mitko Mitev – 10 signs your testing is not enough [EN]

Speaker: Mitko Mitev

Language: English


I guess we have all experience the situation I am going to describe briefly to you. You and your team give your best to test a software product, work a lot of overtime and  think of elaborate ways to test it and yet, in the end, when it goes live your expectations of great quality are not met? The product that is now live turns out to be a failure rather than the success you expected. Your reputation is ruined and you feel  guilty and not quite the professional you thought you were. We all try to find the mistakes in ourselves – you review the process, the test cases, the documentation and your actions, trying to figure out what you did wrong?

Believe me, It is not always up to you and to your team when a product fails. The signs your testing is not enough are numerous and difficult to be found and yet, every professional must be aware of those pitfalls. Though diverse, there are around 10 frequently seen reasons why your testing is not enough.

I will briefly describe some of the most frequent I have encountered during my career. Hope you enjoy the presentation and find it useful.



Apr 13 2021


21:00 - 22:00