Leanne Howard – Agile, where have all the Test Managers gone? [EN]

Speaker: Leanne Howard

Language: English


With the increasing move towards greater business agility, particularly over the last year when it became almost mandatory, there has been a shift in the role of the Test Manager and arguably all testing roles. Some frameworks do not even mention testing roles.

  • No longer is it just the test professionals that do testing
  • No longer do we just discover defects, but we do practices that prevent them happening (shift left)
  • No longer are we the “quality police” but the whole team that has responsibility for quality

So what are we doing? This is a great opportunity for Test Managers (and all test professionals) to grow their competencies and learn new skills. Rather than looking vertically for career growth, add specialist skills that make you more cross functional. Yes there are roles for us, but they look different.


Apr 15 2021


9:00 - 10:00