Sammy Kolluru – Collaborating automation and manual test in the Modern Agile World. [EN]

Speaker: Sammy Kolluru

Language: English


Agile may sometimes use to denote any kind of “dynamic” or “unstructured” way of working with others. But, this term more commonly suggests a focused yet rapidly iterative software process that follows the principles of agile manifesto.

However, in the modern world of agile testing and automation, the scope of the application testing is diversified in factors such as, complex business scenarios, complex data structure, multiple test deployment environments, Test execution environments (Cross browser, cross platform, cross device etc.), communication and notification among geographically distributed agile teams etc. This factors mostly effecting the rapid delivery of agile principles.

The presentation is designed for new or seasoned software developers and testers to understand how agile testers could collaborate together with DevOps to help resolve most of the rapid delivery challenges. The main features of the ecosystem covers modern automation requirements such as Social tools, Continuous integration, on-demand Test management and environment provisioning, Cross device and Browser on cloud.



Apr 15 2021


21:00 - 22:00

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