Dr. Armin Metzger, Dr. Erhardt Wunderlich

Agile@2022: High Quality – how can we improve the required knowledge base?                                                                         

Abstract: Agile is increasingly dominating the development of new products, while on the other hand, the need for high quality of these products is constantly and rapidly increasing. Fast development cycles and technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and IoT request improvements in the project execution. For instance, we see an ever-increasing need for basic testing skills in agile teams, even for the classic developer roles. But often there is a lack of appropriate expertise and, unfortunately, acceptance of testing activities.

In order to address the challenges of high-quality products in agile teams, we therefore need a stronger culture of quality assurance. Based on industry experience and relevant surveys, possible reasons for this observation will be presented in the talk. Necessary and helpful general measures for agile teams will be shown to answer the question, which test topics should be strengthened or established at all. Which test expertise is required for this?

To answer this question, the German Testing Board e.V. defined a set of test topics and test expertise tailored to the needs of (agile) developers. Based on this analysis, an according syllabus for a practical oriented basic training course, the SDET, was developed. This serves as an aid for teams improving their agile quality assurance by systematically expanding the required knowledge of test basics.


May 11 2022


15:00 - 16:00



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