Kari Kakkonen – Encouraging children into software testing [EN]

Speaker: Kari Kakkonen

Language: English


The presentation explains that we should get children to start with software testing because otherwise we only get coding skills started at an early age, and as we know, software testing is also needed. Then we discuss how children learn. What kind of measures can be used: playing, remembering, identifying with, exploring. Then I present one solution, my fantasy book about software testing for children. This book was released in Finnish in 2020 and will be release in English shortly. I go through some examples of how fantasy can represent software testing: dragons are defects, knights are developers and testers… I will also describe my journey of writing and publishing a testing book for children – something unique.

There is also a 5-minute part that discusses different defects people have experienced and transform them into dragons. Everyone gets to draw a dragon/defect.

Society needs these IT and testing skills. There is a persistent lack of both programming and testing skills on the job market. As one solution, we need to make software testing skills available to children, too. This will have positive long-term impact on availability of testing skills. So, we need to bring software testing into the attention of children, who are interested in code. If they get into coding, their better understanding of testing will help them to be better developers. They also might become software testers, adding into the honorable profession of software testers.

For some children, and adults, too, the software testing may be their best, most viable way into the fascinating world of information technology. They should have solid software testing skills. It all starts with awareness and understanding of software testing.

After this presentation, the participants will have a thirst to spread knowledge of testing to children, starting with the Creative Commons licensed presentation based on the book, or the book itself.

I will share the presentation to everyone. I’ll also share some extracts of the book to everyone and promise a book prize for the most active participant (to be sent when the book is published).


Apr 13 2021


14:00 - 15:00