Tomasz Prus – Improve your documentation processes with ITCQF [EN]

Speaker: Tomasz Prus

Language: English


We live in a world of information where knowledge management and technical communication (TechComm) are essential. No matter which industry, software or hardware, content creation is at the center of product development. Even though many organizations realize the value of documentation, we see plenty of them struggling with various content challenges.

This talk will emphasize the importance of standardization in the technical communication field based on the ITCQF certification program. We will present a use-case scenario from the software industry. You will discover how to build or improve every step of your content creation process, choose the right documentation types for your audience, select the best tools for your ecosystem, and how ITCQF can help you in this journey.



Apr 13 2021


18:00 - 19:00