Alessandro Collino – Testing Strategies for Microservice-based Web Applications in a DevOps framework [EN]

Speaker: Alessandro Collino

Language: English


In recent years, the evolution of IT has spanned several dimensions: development process, application architecture, distribution and packaging, application infrastructure, and so on. Overall, this evolution allows us to exploit the so-called “shift-left” from the testing perspective. However, this opportunity can only be exploited by developing a testing strategy that actually addresses all the challenges posed by this evolution. During this talk, we will describe the main challenges for defining an effective “continuous” testing strategy for Microservice-based web applications within a DevOps framework and how to address those challenges. We will focus in particular on Microservices integration tests: in fact, the biggest complexity in a Microservice architecture is not within the individual Microservices, but in the way they interact with each other: traditional approaches (“broad integration”) do not work within the specified framework and more modern approaches are needed.


Apr 13 2021


19:00 - 20:00