Nico Liedl, Thomas Karl

How the agile transformation changes testing – A practical view                                                                                                        

Abstract: Agile is increasingly dominating the development of new products, while on the other hand, the need for high quality of these products is constantly and rapidly increasing. But often we need to ask “Where has our test gone?” – Quality and the importance of IT and Automation are the main topics of conversation nowadays. But often there is a lack of appropriate expertise and, unfortunately, acceptance of testing activities. In order to address the challenges of high-quality products in agile teams, we therefore need a stronger culture of quality assurance. Is Lean Quality Management the solution when asking where the future of testing is headed and how to create such a quality mindset? Yes, definitely! The work in our quality departments has evolved steadily over the past years and decades and is now on the verge of reaching a new threshold. We see three levels that have been reached in many programs to date, and a fourth level that we are currently confronted with. We´ll show how to use Lean Quality Management to take testing to a new level and make Business Agility reality, based on our real-life hands-on experience.


May 11 2022


14:00 - 15:00



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