Hari Krishnan Gurumoorthi – Crossing DevOps Chasm – Why DevOps Initiatives fail and the capabilities adapted by high performing organizations [EN]

Speaker: Hari Krishnan Gurumoorthi

Language: English


DevOps has crossed the chasm, and many organizations across different industries have adopted DevOps is one form or the other as a panacea to digital transformation. As per the accelerate State of DevOps 2019 report, high performing companies who are successful in software delivery and
operational performance „start with the foundations and then adopt a continuous improvement mindset by identifying unique constraints (or a set of constraints). Once these constraints to longer hold them back, repeat the process.“

Our Certified DevOps portfolio provides the breadth of knowledge and best practices currently applied by high performing organizations to build the software delivery and operational performance capability holistically. This portfolio helps to understand key challenges and drivers for DevOps adoption, principles, and practices to be used throughout the journey, and the capabilities that would remove the constraints and continuously improve the value delivery.


Apr 16 2021


10:00 - 14:00