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Session 1: English

Session 2: English

Session 3: German

Trends in Technik und Kompetenzen


Richard Seidl , Leanne Howard, Amanda Logue & Geoff Thompson
SkillsClub Panel Discussion


François Martin
Why Software Testing Is a Waste of Time

Martin Klonk
Agile Testing – what is the reality in IT projects in Austria today

Stephanie Ulrich
Der neue CTFL 4.0


Rik Marselis & Gitte Otossen
How quality engineering moves ownership of quality from testers to the team

Nishan Portoyan
Unleashing Efficiency: AI-Driven Strategies for Optimizing Software Quality

Matthias Hamburg
Glossar 4.0 – Von den Anforderungen zur Abnahme einer neuen App


Linda Vreeswijk
Introduction on Usability Testing

Dr. Robert Pucher
Software Testing and Usability

Horst Pohlmann
Der Mehrwert des neuen Release des ISTQB® Advanced Level Test Management


Rajeev Jain & Renzo Cerquozzi
Documentation in Agile Testing

Reifa Tangon
Overcoming Bottlenecks in SDLC: Empowering QA in Agile environment

Maud Schlich
Neue Themen des CTFL 4.0 mal anders lehren


Bruno Legeard
Leveraging Usage-centric Testing to Optimize E2E Test Automation

Nirmala Saneechur
Testing as a career

Klaudia Dussa-Zieger & Mario Winter
Der ISTQB® „Certified Tester AI Testing“ (CT-AI)


Olivier Denoo
Death by AI

Michael Pilataen
How to kill your (test) team

Florian Fieber
Das ERNSTL und die Zukunft des Softwartestens


Ecaterina Irina Manole
Added value of the new release of ISTQB® Advanced Level Test Management

Marcel Veselka
Autonomous testing: How to introduce testing bots to boost your efficiency & speed

Alessandro Sebaste
Quality by Design


Geoff Thompson
Accessibility testing

Tinatin Tsirekidze
Adapting to Dynamic User Requirements

Jürgen Beniermann
Zurück in die Zukunft – Testen in der modernen Welt


Richard Seidl
Future of Software Quality

Adam Roman
Kill ’em all – Mutation testing for quality services

Andreas Neumeister
Herausforderungen einer SAFe Transformationen für eine Testorganisation


Richard Huber
Navigating Connection, Content, and Collaboration in the Digital Age

Isabelle Bucyeyeneza
The Rise of Software Testing in Africa’s Start-Up-Nation

Ina Schieferdecker
Quo vadis Software/Quality Engineering?



Abbas Ahmad
Model Based Testing in a nutshell


Amanda Logue
Exploratory Testing

Rik Marselis & Pepijn Paap
Quality Engineering & Testing for SAP


Werner Henschelchen & Stephan Goericke

Werner Henschelchen & Stephan Goericke

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